Powergrip YG-3


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Voltage range for safe continuous operation of YG-3 PSU 160 – 320 V
Maximum current of the internal wiring of the console 25 A
Maximum current of power cord and power socket 16 A
Self power consumption 1.4 W – 20 W depends on used features
Сonsumption in case of full power off by button 2 0 W
Neutral pass through resistance < 0.00005 Ohm
Live pass through resistance (high current hi-fi filter without fuse and fuse holder) 0.015 Ohm
Fuse Resistance 0.01 Ohm (with holder), size 5 x 20mm, current 16 A
DC measure range ± 999 mV
Maximum filtering DC value 1.8 V
Maximum on/off delay 60 sec


Protection voltage range (turn off connected devices) low: 190 V, high: 256 V
May be influenced by other parameters like mains distortion to provide best protection and exclude false triggering
High Voltage Surge Protection Varistors


Controls 7 sensor buttons and full of switch on a bottom
Remote control Wi-Fi (Ewelink APP)
Integration (RTI, Сontrol4, Crestron etc.) Trigger, RS232, Ethernet (option)
Screen menu Brightness, color, style, filtration, always on sockets, delays
Auto switch on Power sensor (detect connected device power state), light sensor
PACKAGE Power console
Power cord (2 m)
Rack mounts
Antenna grounding cable
Direct power cord connection blanket
Number of sockets 12
Power cable cross size 3.3 mm²
Cross size of power cables internal wiring 3.3 mm² (High current Hi-Fi section)
Console weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 156.5 х 440 х 280 mm (incl feet)



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Powergrip YG-3

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)